Church Groups

The easiest way for someone to be active in the church is to be apart of one of the many groups the Presbyterian Church provides. It allows one to become closer to God while meeting new people and becoming part of a group. There are a number of different groups/organizations a church member can join. The names and a brief description of each group are as follows:

Presbyterian Men's Club

This group of men have a strong bond and have been active for over 10 years. As well as having a great time as a church group, they are able to donate their time and effort into providing service to the community and surrounding cities. The men's group has a burger stand that operates from late May-Labor Day. It's open from 11AM-1PM every Wednesday right outside the church along highway 169. The proceeds of this service go towards scholarships, benefit days dedictated to helping familes with crises and, of course, providing a good meal every week to those in the community.

Presbyterian Women

The women in this group always have a good time. The group is divided into three study circles and two serving divisions. They, like the men's club, have been active for years and partake in various service projects around the community, host benefit meals for families, and provide scholarships. The biggest ongoing project that the Presbyterian Women do is the Next-to-New thrift store. One doesn't need to apply to this group; all that is needed to join is participation and a good spirit.

Church Choir

The choir is always looking for new voices. They hold rehearsals every Wednesday night at 7:30PM and on Sunday at 9:00AM. The choir is directed by Kathy Blair and has around 20 members. If you like to sing, this is the perfect way to become an active member.


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